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EXCURSIONS TO THE AEOLIAN ISLANDS - Departures from Milazzo (Me)


Departures from the port of Milazzo: 08:20 /09:00/ 10:30 / 12:00
Arriving in Vulcano after about an hour.
Just after leaving the port of Milazzo, you will have the opportunity to admire from the boat, the promontory of Milazzo castle built above the old town of Milazzo, probably of Arabic origin. The castles has been developed and improved during the time Norman and Swabian currently declared as a national monument. In 1608, the Cathedral of Milazzo was built inside the castle (now Old Cathedral) and the palace of the jurors. After several years, the castle is back open to the public.


Since the tour offers the opportunity to stay 10 hours on the island of Vulcano, it is possible to focus on the following activities:
Climbing the crater of the VOLCANO following the path; you will have a wonderful view of all
the islands that make up the Aeolian archipelago from the top of Vulcano.
Bathing in the natural SULPHUOS MUD and enjoy the peculiarities of volcanic therapeutic
properties (to the right of the harbor), next to a rock of incredible colors from which emerge the
FUMAROLES, the emblem of the island's volcanic activity.
Visit the beautiful bay of SABBIE NERE beach, located on the west side, named for the color of
the sand of volcanic origin. The FUMAROLES BEACH, next to the mud, allows swimmers to stay
in waters heated by bubbles of sulphurous steam that can reach high temperatures.
The solitary and crowded beach of GELSO is located on the opposite side of the Island and is
accessible by sea, by bus leaving from the harbor, or along the main road from the port to
Vulcano, past Vulcano Piano and then GELSO or CAPE GRILLO. Alternatively, you can reach it
by renting a scooter at reasonable prices.


Leaving the harbor, we encounter Vulcanello, whose origin has been documented around 183
BC, joined together with the island of Vulcano by an isthmus of sand.
Surpassing the CRATER collapsed into the sea, you will see the Valley of Monsters, volcanic
rocks which have assumed monstrous forms due to the action of atmospheric agents. We will see
the FARAGLIONI of Lipari, PIETRA LUNGA and PIETRA MENALDA, the profile of Pope John
and the Grotto of the Angels.
Ahead, on your left, you can see the Bay of SABBIE NERE. LITTLE COVE, BIG COVE, after
which, we arrive at the POOL OF VENUS. There, we can admire the majesty of the Horse Cave,
surrounded by walls of basalt and its cobalt blue depths. Here it is a wonderful destination for
diving from the boat.
We then move towards the wall overlooking the long beach, past the Abate Cave in the direction
of GELSO, where we will stop at the Donkey BEACH for another refreshing swim. After we
leave you will find little coves of the Eastern Coast and of the Roya Valley, where you can
photograph the Little Mermaid statue.
13 :30 Optional lunch in a local restaurant on the island of Vulcano.
19:30 Boarding for return to MILAZZO.
Back to Milazzo expected after about an hour of navigation.

Services on request:
- Secure parking in the port of Milazzo
- Tour of the island
- Rental Scooter - Quad - Motorcycles - Bicycles.
- Lunch - Dinner
- Accommodation in hotels, B & B, Residence to covenants price Milazzo and the Aeolian Islands.
- Taxi service - Location Hosting> Milazzo port (mini cruise embarkation Aeolian Islands)
A) The times shown are subject to variations.
B) Visits the sea, and other circumnavigations are subject to weather and sea conditions.
C) The route of the boat trips are subject to change at the discretion of the captain.